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Post by jessica x on Mon May 12, 2008 7:59 pm

Members who set up polls are requested to put a limit to the number of days the poll will remain active by filling in the "Run poll for X days field". Whether its two weeks or four months please limit the poll. If we could disable the feature, we would but we can't so this will have to be a rule. Anyone who does start a never ending poll will be given 1 warning.

Why? When it comes time to prune old posts with no response in over 200 days on the forum, polls cannot be pruned if they are still active. This means I must either go into each poll to deactivate it if we want the posts in the poll to count towards your post count OR I could just delete the polls and then all posts in those polls will not go towards your post count but will be lost and your post count reduced accordingly. While this is not important to some, it is important to others.

Please consider this when making a poll. Thanks
jessica x
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