Tutorial: Makeing a forum design

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Tutorial: Makeing a forum design

Post by 5taychr on Sun May 11, 2008 2:55 pm

Anyone can suggest a forum design. We may use it, or we may not.

Here is the instructions as to how to go about creating a site style for us.

1) The Style

You must choose from one of the following styles:


2) The Banner

The banner size must be 860 x 125 to keep the rest of the forum in alignment as it is modified. Currently we are using .png files optimized to keep the file size down but maintain quality. While .png files are preferred they are not mandatory and could be jpg or gif files. It would be better if it was a .png becuase they load quicker. Your image MUST have a transparent background. If it doesent have one, it will not look right on the forums and your design will not be looked at. You banner needs to include the following information:

Birley Hall

3) The Background
This is not conpulsary as we can have a transpartent background. However if you want to include a background image it should be 200px X 200px (this will be repeated) or 1280px X 1024px (this will not be repeated)

If you have any questions, please ask.

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